WIN FAST Games partners with OncasiGamiN’Lab!

WIN FAST Games has entered into a brand-new media partnership with GamiN’Lab, A popular affiliate site positioned towards the Japanese iGaming market.

WIN FAST Games is already established as one of the industry’s most popular suppliers and they are present in several regulated markets.

GamiN’Lab’s website allows players to access a ton of useful information about all the different gaming providers and casino sites that are accessible to players in Japan. This visibility and clarity is something that is sorely required in this growing market. We strongly believe working closely with GamiN’Lab can help educate both new and veteran players alike, and we look forward to reading their opinions and reviews on all of our games.

About GamiN’Lab

GamiN’Lab is a leading iGaming affiliate and review site offering valuable insights to players primarily in Japan. Every casino and game on GamiN’Lab’s site is carefully reviewed, and this allows GamiN’Lab’s visitors to have the opportunity to get acquainted with many game providers products in a convenient way on the website.

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WIN FAST’s section on GamiN’Lab’s site

About WIN FAST Games

WIN FAST Games is a market leader in the asian igaming market, with its flagship titles such as Hawaiian Dream™ and OIRAN Dream™ being some of the most played games in the region.
Now with its sights set on expanding into the European and North American markets, it aims to bring a unique and fresh slot experience from Japan to players all over the world.