The WIN MULTIPLIER™ feature series brings huge multipliers to your wins. Any time you get a win of at least 5x your bet, there is a chance the win may be multiplied further during the final win tally. This can occur multiple times, as well, which will turn an already big win into something absolutely MASSIVE! 


Our latest exciting gameplay feature COMBOWINS™, is an awesome addition to our ever-growing line-up.
Cascading reels with cluster-pays results in some long combo win chains, coupled with an increasing combo multiplier the higher you go,
you`re able to get some huge wins from a single spin.
Guaranteed to take even the base game to the next level of intensity and enjoyment.


Our flagship feature which introduces players all over the world to the rush of pachislot style gaming. Trigger free spins and respins with continuous wins as the game progresses, with gradually ramping up effects and animations. This game mode is guaranteed to give all types of players a thrill when it hits.


The game features multiplier symbol stops which increase the multiplier.
Especially during the free spins, the multiplier will not reset until the end of the free spins, and will continue to rise.
This feature is truly worthy of the name “RISING” and players will experience outstanding payouts with this intense gameplay.


TRIGGER BOOST™ is an exciting new addition to WIN FAST games.
The TRIGGER BOOST™ is an exciting new feature in WIN FAST games that increases the odds of a payout by triggering certain features and even increases the chance of a trigger (FREESPIN).
The TRIGGER BOOST™ is a new and exciting addition to the WIN FAST family of games.
Aim for the TRIGGER BOOST™ and experience the excitement that leads to the FREESPIN!


LUCKY COLLECT™ is an exciting feature added to cascading reels game.
With it, items are collected by stacking symbol WINs.
Items can be used to win multipliers, scatter WILD symbols, and other game-enhancing features.
Collect lots of items and create powerful spins for big payouts!


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