Hawaiian Dream BOOST™ is LIVE!

Hawaiian Dream BOOST™ is a brand-new type of game where a ton of spin results can be performed at an extremely fast rate. We call this type of game a “Speed Slot”. A sleek UI and great sounds and visuals amp up this style of gameplay to 10. There are no visible reels in this slot design, as only the results of the games are displayed!

Besides the ultra-fast spin-result style of gameplay, you will get to experience free spins with the Hibiscus Rush BOOST feature. Alongside a retro neon visual style, its guaranteed to keep you spinning until you hit your HUGE win!

The game has a high volatility and if you like the Hawaiian Dream™ series, then this one is for you. Stay tuned for even more news about our latest releases, and be sure to follow us on X.

Try it here!